Find out About Modified Girls


Find Out About Modified Girls

Find out about Modified Girls here. We are a uniquely created brand, which has been tailor made specifically for female car enthusiasts within the car scene. We are a little bit different in a sense that we have created a welcoming community for girls who are passionate about building, modifying and showing their cars. Its all about sharing a passion!

How Are We Structured?

We have a closed Facebook Group page where members chat, post, share information and receive the latest information available to them. We also have a Facebook page where we post a few updates which is open to everyone. Lastly we have an Instagram page too. For Facebook we have a team of individuals/reps who are responsible for all different areas throughout the UK, you can find details of who to contact via Facebook on the contact us page.

Why Are We Here?

We wanted to create a group that caters to all different girls on the car spectrum, whether you’re a promo girl or a mechanic it doesn’t matter to us. Modified Girls is all about a community where you can chat and gain support. We all share one passion together!

More than just another car group, we have a lot to offer our members:


Testimonials from some of our members:

“A fantastic little community”           

“A girl group with no drama!”

“It is a great page, no one has been horrible to anyone or discriminating like other group pages. It is well managed with good products”

“I absolutely love your work and support for the female car enthusiast community!”

“Modified Girls is the best group going and has so much to offer girls within the car scene. I love it!”

“What an awesome clothing range, I love your stuff”

“Every time you bring out a new product, I keep waiting for the next thing to order more”

Testimonials from our shows:

“I wanted to message you to thank you for the very warm welcome I received at Trax. You guys are a fantastic bunch, great club and have a fantastic mix of cars. It would be a pleasure to be a part of your stand with you again in the future” – male partner of MG member

“Wow, wow, wow what a stand you guys (girls) had!!! Seriously well done to all those who were there and well done to all those that got everything set up. It was clearly a group effort. Very well organised” – Photographer

“Had such an awesome day thank you for having me on the stand… You girls are brilliant!”

“I finally won an award!! On the Modified Girls stand at Silverstone today! I’ve been dreaming of this day for a long time and worked so hard to get my car how it is today and couldn’t make me more proud. Thank you!”


Why not check out some of our videos from our events: