So I think we can all agree we have all been there. Decided to share something from our life or ask a question on social media that is car related only to be greeted by some smart arse with some form of negative comment that makes your blood boil!

So what do you do? Do you react with attack on a form of attack? Do you delete your post and think I’m never going to share or ask anything again and disapear into a black hole embracing real life and donning an old 5210 Nokia? Or do you just ignore it?

The car scene is a vastly competitive place to roam and exist. You’re told by your mates “you just need a thick skin”. If you own a modified car you are likely to attract some form of attention be that positive, jealous or negative.

The world is full of smart arses online and that is our reality as it’s so easy for someone to respond quickly with negative judgements and comments. Be sure to use social media with a balance. Know the types or forums you are posting. Are they renowned to having people who like to troll? Know when to take action and not to take action. If in doubt don’t share really personal information. If things ever get really bad, put the phone down and have a break.

We are proud to have a club where feedback has confirmed that people feel comfortable sharing stories, posts, questions, expereinced and information. We will always try our best to support and help our members. So do not hesitate to contact us if you ever feel you haven’t got anyone to share or ask information x

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