Modified Girls member, Danielle, is here to tell us all about her Audi A3 build…

“I purchased her in July 2017 under the impression I would be keeping her standard for a year before even thinking about doing and modifications. That lasted all of 4 weeks.
First thing that was upgraded was the headlights to ones with DRL’s, this then provoked changing the whole front end to a facelift version of the car with the single honey-comb grill £400 and 6 hours of work later my front end was transformed”

What a difference!

“The next thing that was fitted was a full straight through exhaust system, EGR delete and induction kit. This made a huge difference to the drive of the car and it now makes the typical diesel owl noise and smoke which I love.” We love it too Danielle!!

“Air ride was the next step. After having 3P Airlift performance slam series on my MK3.5 VW Cabriolet I had been swayed. I fitted Airlift performance slam bags front and rear to the A3 although this time round with V2 management as opposed to 3P (personally I prefer V2!) I was buying these parts of a friend of mine and we spent a day from about ‪8am on a ‪Sunday morning until about ‪10pm that night fitting it.”

“The boot build is nothing fancy but was thrown together so it worked! This will be one of the next things I will be changing. Next I got a full leather S-Line interior, I always wanted the Golf Mk5 edition 30 wing backs, but these came up so cheap I couldn’t really say no!! This made a big difference to the interior.

I’ve now wrapped some interior parts to in a carbon fibre look. Also fitting the aftermarket head unit and ashtray delete make the interior look a lot more up to date! She also now has a boost gauge installed in the drivers side air vent and the face lift rear lights!”

“One of the last things that has been done to the car if the most recent wheels! The A3 used to run the standard sport alloys, which in my opinion are rank! So I got some River F6 Alloys which were 8.5J fronts and 9.5J rears ET 43 and 50. I ran these wheels for about 3 months until I swapped them for my current set! I now have 3SDM’S 0.01’s which are 8.5J fronts and 9.5J rears ET35 all round. They are sprayed in a Rainbow colour’s paint (and in need of a good refurb!) But I will be keeping them blue until the whole car has a colour change.”

So Danielle, what else have you got in store for the Audi?

“My next things to have done are the stage one remap which is booked in for May. This will take her from a poor 138 bhp and 236 lb/ft to about 193 bhp and 305 lb/ft. Also looking to get a full respray done and colour change at the end of the year and have some body work done. Also looking to get s3 rear bumper and spoiler and push her up to stage 2 which will get me about 245bhp. We have definitely had our ups and downs and she’s broken and given up on me a few times too! This is definitely a drive way build and she’s slowly starting to take shape although nowhere near finished!!”

We love the transformation that Danielle has given her car! Thank you for taking the time to read about the progress of her build. Stay tuned for updates and if you would like to tell us about your build then please send your details and photos to our East Anglia admin, Katie Pinky Roberts. Thanks for ready and happy modding!

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