The anxieties of… Car shows!

We’ve all been there, going somewhere slightly out of the usual comfort zone and getting a bit worked up along the way thinking ‘why have I done this’ or ‘it’s not too late to turn back, run!’

In the world of anxiety, this stage is referred to as ‘fight or flight’. The decision that is made when high levels of anxiety kick in- do you just turn back, or do you power on through? 1 in 4 people have  a mental health issue, with anxiety growing fast in numbers amongst men and women.  Unfortunately, anxiety plays a key role in why many people don’t attend car shows.

So welcome to my observations and research from last year’s show season. Buckle up- it gets emotional.

Shall we start from the top? Deciding to go. What runs through people’s minds in the moment of deciding whether or not to buy a ticket and go?

Reading through a clubs show stand advert, it’s exciting, it’s fun! The club are putting on loads of things to do on the day, talking about how much of a good time they had last year and before you know it, you’re hooked- sign me up for this show!

Looking into it a bit more and seeing what type of cars are coming with this group… okay so they’re a bit more modified than yours… they’re on air ride… they have a turbo bigger than your head- and that’s where it grinds to a halt.

Here’s my first observation on the tour of car shows. I’ll call this stop, the ‘my car is not good enough’.

Okay so some cars are more modified than others- but we all have to start somewhere, right!? 9 times out of 10, no one starts off with a car pushing 500 BHP and wheels with more dish than my mother’s kitchen cupboards. Most people get their inspiration from car shows, seeing that dream car in the flesh or even finding your own car with a sick smoothed front end or a BGW. These ideas and inspirations inspire the thriving car scene we have today. Feel a bit intimidated still?  At MG- we welcome cars at all stages of modification- we encourage this on the stand. We have been known for our range of vehicles on our stands and quite proud we are of it too! If cars are your passion, park it up with us and let the show inspire you.

So we’ve settled that- the car is safe on stand with MG. but what about the people going? I’ve never met anyone and they all seem like they know each other and I’ll be on my own all day and AHHHH!! Emergency brake at our next stop on the tour! ‘social speedbump’.

Many people experience different levels of social anxiety, which can be a main cause in them not participating in events that are related to their interests. Unfortunately, it’s very common and more often than not, ignored or seen as an excuse.

I’ll set a scene for you here- car enthusiast for many years, wanted to go to a show, no one could go with her. Tackled ‘my car is not good enough’ but hit the ‘social speedbump’. The way MG ran this particular show, admins attending set up a Facebook chat the day before for people to get to know each other. This lady didn’t chat much, but knew the names of other attendees and what cars they drove, all that was left was putting a face to a name. Arriving at the show, a member was helped into a parking spot by an admin and introduced to most of the other attendees. This member made a good handful of friends that day, and is now writing this article! YEP- I’ve been there myself. Went solo to a show and made it out alive with a ton of new pals. (Just to add, parked between an S15 and a highly modified GTR- nailed ‘my car is not good enough’ with my little wind deflectors about to fall off!)

Car shows have all the boxes ticked for car enthusiasts. Merchandise stands, spectacular cars on display, drifting demos, the lot! The whole point is for you to explore the varied levels of motorsport and car modifications at your own pace. Attending with a club is one step into something so much bigger. So if you’re feeling unsure about attending a car show, remember, most people buying their ticket probably felt some level of anxiety too, and that’s okay!

At Modified Girls, we exist because of our members. We have a team of 10 friendly admins across the UK who monitor our Facebook pages, run our Instagram account and put on a spectacle at many shows in various locations for you to enjoy. We speak to our members daily and are on hand for any related questions you may have.

Our aim is to fuel your passion for cars- one mile at a time.

Article by Beth Mccreedy

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