Name: Danielle Austin, 24

Car: Toyota Yaris T Sport (first car)

What got you into cars?

I’ve loved cars from a very young age, I used to collect hot wheels, (the more modified the better) and i used to buy Banzai magazine when I was around 12 years old. I never forget having a poster of a matte black dragon performance RX7, I absolutely loved it! Back then my cousin bought the first ever Need for Speed game, from then on I was at his house every evening playing the game and eventually got an Xbox after a lot of nagging and I’ve played the games religiously ever since. 

My auntie and uncle are also huge influences, they have always had nice cars from a brand new clean BMW Z4 to a Porsche Carrera 911 4S, making me want to have enough money one day to have a nice car like they did.

How did you get into the car scene?
I did Art & design in school and college, i used to draw cars a lot and decided that I wanted to design cars for a living, but after learning more about this in college I quickly realised it wasn’t really about sketching but more so computers so I was no longer interested as I only wanted to draw. After my first year we had to choose a subject to specialise in amongst many, so on a whim I decided to go for Photography because I enjoyed it. 

I ended up meeting a lad through mutual friends who was into his cars and messaged him one time a couple of years into my photography course, just asking him to bring his car along as I had never photographed a car properly before and I wanted to build my portfolio. He came along I did some photo’s then all of his friends and mutual friend’s of those wanted photo’s too.

What were your experiences of the car scene? First Impressions?

I’ve had loads of experiences of the car scene now, both good and bad. I was sadly a witness to someone losing their life on the way to a car show, and lost many other’s that I met through the love of cars as well, a couple of them I was extremely close to. Even though these were extremely hard times, it was the people I met through the car scene that helped and were there for me through those times, and we got through those experiences together, and that’s something that ‘normal’ (none car friends) would never understand.

As well as some tough times I have had even more amazing times, experiences and memories that I could never of dreamt of doing as a kid. I went to Trax one year with a car club and whilst in the queue for Trax we had a stunning matte blue Focus RS behind us, the owner revving and popping, it was stunning! When we eventually parked up, this Focus was on the stand behind us, so I went over and took loads of photo’s of it. I uploaded the photo’s to Facebook afterwards, the owner got tagged and wanted a proper photo shoot – my first ever properly paid photo shoot. He then came to my next photo shoot, which was of his friend’s brand new GTR. This then led to him asking me if I wanted to join him on a trip across Europe called the Rico Rally, I was ecstatic and could not believe he was being serious but he was, his original partner had dropped out at last minute and he needed the spot to be filled, thinking it would be a good opportunity for me to take photo’s. So sure enough we did the trip, 50 luxurious and modified cars travelling Europe’s best driving roads, amongst GTR’s, Porsche’s, Mclaren’s, Ferrari’s the lot. It was amazing.

I was certain that that trip was a once in a life time thing, but it opened up more doors and enabled me to meet people from all over the country. Having friend’s in places all over the UK is something I absolutely love but I did wish I could meet someone to share that love and passion with full time.

Then sure enough after a Facebook rant about being let down with my photography a guy popped up on my chat offering some advice and we got talking, we chatted regularly and had the love for cars in common, we met for the first time the night after Trax then we went to a car meet together, eventually we went on a proper date – drift karting, the best date ever!! then we officially got together, we work on and clean our cars regularly, and we managed to do our own European road trip together with friends.

We’re now working towards me getting my own dream car which I vow to have before the end of this year, a Nissan Silvia S14a. Ever since I laid eyes on one I have been fixated on owning one.

What car clubs do you enjoy going to see and hang out with and what do you enjoy about them now?

I still love car meets and shows even after doing most of them every year, I mainly love Japanese car shows, my love lies deep down with jap cars more than anything else, but I enjoy anything different and enjoy all car shows. More than anything, more than the shiny paintwork, gleaming wheels and the cars… for me its the people, the endless amounts of people from all walks of life from opposite ends of the country, for me that’s what I enjoy more than anything, that instant understanding that you love and appreciate the same thing which leads you into and endless conversion about the same one thing that we all share a passion for which can go on for hours on end. That’s what it is about for me, the people that i am bound to bump into at a show or meet and have an awesome catch up with and seeing people’s personalities reflect upon their cars.

I have a constant excitement for what will happen and who i’ll be meeting next.

From Danielle Austin

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