So I have been thinking about a post on this for a long time. It may take you all a while to write but I am really keen to find out more about you all as members and to find out some real hard truths and experiences on what it has been like on getting into the car scene. If you would like to take part in this then please email your submissions to [email protected]

So my questions to you are:

  1. What got you into cars?
  2. How did you get into the car scene?
  3. What were your experiences of the car scene? First Impressions?
  4. What car clubs do you enjoy going to see and hang out with and what do you enjoy about them now?

So I thought I would go first here to break the ice so to speak:

  1. What got you into cars?

I got into cars when I was very small, around 5 years old. I was driven past some corvettes on the way to school. I never thought in a million years that I would get into cars! Or be able to be like the older guys who you see with gleaming amazing cars whizzing around country lanes. I decided one day that it was something I wanted to do. Own an American Muscle car, own something different you don’t see on the road everyday. So I saved up for around eight years and that was originally for a Dodge Charger. However life changes, the recession happened. So I decided to use my money to buy my other dream car, which was a Honda S2000.

  1. How did you get into the car scene?

I wanted to find other S2000 owners so I could get help and advice on how to improve and modify my car. I met an amazing chap called Kim Pham off the S2Ki forum and he invited me to an “original” South Mimms car meet (This is now a much bigger, ticketed event). I was quite nervous when I arrived and I was over whelmed by all the cars that were there. This was the first time I saw a Honda NSX too! I met an awful lot of people that day.

  1. What were your experiences of the car scene? First Impressions?

After I went to South Mimms I think I received over 250 friend requests from people I did not know. I remember calling Kim and asking him what it was all about as I just did’nt understand. I also got a stalker! And that was a little upsetting and awkward to deal with to say the least! So I was miffed to say the least about it all. How can one car meet make someone so popular? I always thought car meets were just chavy meets, not lovely events where people meet up socially and eat heaps of chicken. I soon learnt to be more discerning over loads of different bad situations and experiences and learnt to be less naïve.

  1. What car clubs do you enjoy going to see and hang out with and what do you enjoy about them now?

After a few events I soon came across some lovely chaps who ran a brand/small gathering of people called ‘Gentleman at Work.’ They were all from Hastings. I later joined them on an epic road trip to Worthersee in Austria! It was amazing! They all soon settled down in relationships etc. and I found myself at a loose end with no one to go to car events with. I then started meeting other girls in the car scene (it is difficult to approach other girls at car events). In fact, they were amazing! Hollis Cockerill, Amy Slade, Aimee Lou Hunt to name a few. I decided I wanted to do a video of our cars and it soon turned into an accidental car group which is now Modified Girls! I now spend my time doing everything I can with an amazing team of girls who are the Admin Team to put on and attend all the events we can and form a community of people who feel comfortable and happy to enjoy the events to their full potential. It is all about bringing people together!

In the past I with the events I have attended over the years I found that people did not even said hello to me when I attended a stand with them. At MG we try to make everyone feel welcome and that we are approachable. We also are not prejudice about what cars people have on our stands. They are always a huge mix!

In relation to other car clubs that I enjoy hanging out with and meeting; Slammed Society, Stance Daily, Modificata are the main car clubs that I hang out with when I get the time and this is because they are local, friendly and most of all genuine good people to hang with.

Anyway here are some pictures of my memories that I have experienced being on the car scene and meeting people. I hope you enjoyed reading my life story on cars.

My First Ever Meet at Mimms and the year after too

When I took my car to an event and me at a different show

Our Trip to Worthersee

First ever Modified Girls Meet

A road trip to Bruges and another car show!

Some of the amazing friends I’ve made from the car scene

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