We have the pleasure of Brentacre being our chosen Sponsor for Modified Car Insurance. We think they are fantastic because they truly understand the vehicles that we are modifying, driving and what kind of cover we require, whilst still being competitive, (Most of the people that work for them are petrol heads too!). So when insuring your pride and joy you have spent thousands of pounds on, it is not always the cheapest cover that is the best it is about getting the right cover and the right company to assist you if anything was to go wrong.


We thought it might be helpful to do a blog post with common FAQs and information for our members. As a Sponsor what this means is you get money off your car insurance when you mention Modified Girls.

To get a quote, either complete this form or call: 01792 650933 Make sure you mention you are part of Modified Girls!

Open Mon – Fri normal business hours and Sat am.

FAQ Common Questions and Answers

  1. How do I get the discount and how does the 20% discount work? – It is vitally important to mention that you are part of Modified Girls at the start of the phone call when undertaking a quotation over the phone. Brentacre are a specialist insurer and they will always try to be as competitive at possible whilst maintaining the right level of cover. Essentially they do what they can to give you the cheapest and best quality cover possible with a discount of up to 20%. We would always advise our members to shop around though.
  2. Does the discount apply to partners etc. too? – No this offer of up to 20% only applies to female Modified Girls members and Modified Girls Staff only. It is always worth giving Brentacre a call as their quotes are very competitive and they will always try to help.
  3. Do they do multicar cover? – No this is not something Brentacre offer but they are things they can do to ensure more than one car is covered, so it is always worth a phone call to them.
  4. My car is standard will they offer me cover? – We do advise that if your car is standard that it is likely that Brentacre will be unable to help you. Our advice to our members would be to simply visit an online comparison website and get a quotation through more standard modified car insurers such as; Admiral or Churchill etc. for example. However, please bear in mind if you are planning to modify your car in the near future it might be worth considering the costs that may incur on a standard policy in comparison to a specialist insurer.
  5. Are all insurance policies the same when it comes to insuring my modified car? – No! A standard insurance policy is designed to cater for standard vehicles that have not been altered from when they left the factory. A modified vehicle insurance policy is specifically designed for vehicles that have been changed from factory standard. Brentacre specialise in covering Modified and Classic Cars.
  6. What is a modification? – Anything that was not on the vehicle when it rolled out of the factory. This includes stickers! When it comes to insurance always ensure you declare everything or this could affect your cover if anything was to happen. Not just with a particular incident but in relation to future cover too.
  7. What is the difference between Specialist Modified Car Insurers and Standard Car Insurers? – A standard policy is catering for the mass market – the vast majority of the vehicles driven in the UK. That pricing structure is calculated on the basis the vehicle is standard as it compares the larger section of the market out there which is easy to compare statistics against. The modified vehicle market is much smaller and is therefore priced accordingly. Insuring a modified vehicle with a standard insurer is very misleading as the price they are giving you does not take into consideration the modified nature of the vehicle. All that said, Brentacre policies cover you up to an agreed BHP limit, so once this has been put in place you can make as many additional modifications as you like without it effecting the price you pay – the price is only reconsidered if you increase the BHP above the figure you have agreed.
  8. How are my modifications covered? – Our policies not only make sure you are covered for all the modifications notified to us, they are also covered on a like for like basis and on top of that the vehicle is covered for modified market value. This means that should you be involved in an accident the vehicle will be repaired back to its pre accident modified condition, (assuming the parts are available), and not the factory standard condition which is the route a standard insurer will take – assuming they will actually cover you at all. Many thousands of pounds can be spent modifying a vehicle and you need to make sure that you have the right cover in place to protect you correctly should an accident occur.
  9. What modifications can I do? – Anything as long as the vehicle is road legal and it does not effect it passing an MOT. As long as the modifications are declared to us Brentacre will be able to cover you. The policy is based on BHP. Any cosmetic modifications are covered free of charge; they just need to be declared. Your premium is then calculated on the BHP limit we agree on – higher BHP = higher premium.
  10. What are the implications of not declaring my modifications? – Potentially you could find yourself having your policy cancelled or declared void should a claim occur. In extreme cases the insurer could even sue you for incurred costs! Brentacre policies take away that worry as you know beyond any doubt you are covered, as long as you have declared everything!
  11. What if I have spent a lot of money on my car and it is worth more than the market value? – We advise you speak to Brentacre and do what we call an agreed value. For example, if you bought a car for £6000 but spent 10K on it the car will not be worth 16K. It will be worth what someone else is willing to pay for it Modified so you will be able to do an agreed value on this basis by producing pictures and receipts for the car.

 A few interesting things from Brentacre to consider.

  • We are regularly (daily) contacted by the Police who have stopped one of our clients with a modified vehicle. They will then ask us to advise them of all modifications declared to us whilst they are with the vehicle. If they don’t match up the vehicle will be seized and impounded. The driver will then have to pay a release fee and probably be prosecuted for driving without insurance. This will not only result in a fine and points on your licence, but a considerable increase in the premium you pay.
  • We attend many shows throughout the year and it is alarming how many people we speak to who are insuring their modified vehicle with a standard insurer without even declaring any of their modifications, just to pay a lower premium. Remember a lower premium isn’t worth the saving if you are not covered at all!
  • Should you have a claim the insurer will check immediately if the vehicle is standard or not. Some clients tell us they don’t care as the vehicle is low value or amazingly they will try and remove the modifications from their vehicle before the insurance assessor inspects the vehicle. This may not be possible if the accident has caused serious damage or worse still injury! It is also fraudulent!
  • If you have a modified vehicle you need to be insured with an enthusiast who not only understands the vehicle but the driver as well. How many times have you contacted an insurer who does not understand what coil overs, front splitters or a remap is? That should set the alarm bells ringing and you should forget the price and immediately ask yourself what sort of company are you insuring your pride and joy with? Brentacre specifically employ people with a vehicle enthusiast background to make sure we can not only communicate with people on the right level but also have an intimate understanding of the vehicles we are insuring. Most of the Brentacre staff either own or have owned a modified or specialist vehicle of some sort!
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