Modified Girls is one of the largest all Female car enthusiast clubs and located predominantly in the UK but has members globally. With a huge presence, online through social media we provide a safe forum for girls to discuss and exchange information, advice and success stories. We have over 6000 members and 10000 followers on Facebook and 33K following on Instagram. We host on average over 20 events a year which gives the member a chance to meet up and show their cars at events such as; Trax, Tunerfest, Incarnation etc. Lastly, we pride ourselves on our high-quality clothing and merchandise line, (with a hint of unicorn).


Modified Girls was founded in September 2015 by Sophie Williams. Here is what Sophie has to say about it: “After being in the car scene for over 3 years and experiencing other car clubs can be unwelcoming at times at car shows/events and mainly male dominated. I decided after meeting other like-minded ladies to get a video created. This inspired load of other women that are into modifying cars to get in touch with us and thus the club and the brand was born. We have been established for over 3 years now and are extremely well known and popular. We hold over 20 events a year for which we have won best club stand 5 times in the past year alone. This is due to the level of organisation we achieve through hard-work and dedication of the Admin team (12 of us in total spread across the UK).

We proud ourselves on being a welcoming club for Female car enthusiasts not just in the UK but worldwide and certainly have a fantastic reputation in the car scene for being professional but also heaps of fun. We have members from Australia, Canada, America, Japan, Europe and the UK.

Photos – by Ed Keating Photography