Don’t Just Take Our Word For It! Read What People Say About Us Below..

Chloe Beaver – “I’ve been apart of Modified Girls since its opened! It’s such a friendly amazing group to be a part of and I feel so comfortable posting in the Facebook Group and when I do always get loads of feedback! It’s a very well run and organised club.”

Hollis Cockerill – “Well to me it’s a Group that I’ve always felt welcome in. There’s no fear like in other Groups where you’re bound to get someone being rude to you. Everyone’s so nice and you they it like legends! I have a lot of confidence that it will continue to grow and be very popular and successful.”

Michaela McFie – “The MG page is great! Sophie and the girls who run it are doing a fantastic job and there’s always activity and things to relate to. It’s nice having somewhere that no question is too stupid to ask and not being slated for the simplest things because your a girl. Keep up the good work!”

Victoria Nicholls – “What I like about MG is its doesn’t matter whether you drive a standard or modified car. It could be an old banger, or brand new, we all appreciate each other and what we drive. To me it feels like family, whether you need advice, help or just someone to talk to.. someone will always be there. I’m proud to be an MG member.”

Abi Gant – “I think the Group Modified Girls is an awesome, with a great bunch of ladies. Admin are always so helpful and up for a chat, they are active too which most groups don’t have and I can confidently ask questions knowing I’m not going to get a sarcastic answer or complete rubbish. I like that they hold meets and events at shows which for me, who is new to the “showing” scene, allows me to go knowing there will be people I either know having spoke to before on the group or will be meeting new people instead of being on your own and not really wanting to go for that reason. I am talking to new female car enthusiast thanks to this Group and look forward to actually meeting them in person. No one is judgmental or bitchy in fact its the opposite with little competitions being done and “Front End Fridays” being posted to encourage people to comment with positive feedback. Modified Girls is a Group that I’m glad I found.”

Lola Louise Johnson – “Modified Girls to be is more than a club and a Brand it’s a community of like-minded, supportive female enthusiasts. It’s a place where you can be yourself and be proud of what they have achieved without fear of judgement and the stigma “but your a girl…” I love the clothing and merchandise and I’m proud to wear it and own it as I’m proud to be a part of modified girls and what we stand for! Also I love unicorns.”

Kate Manners – “Modified girls What I have noticed: Shows are very well organised and fill up quickly, (which shows this club is popular). I like the fact Sophie and the Admin team allow guys to the shows too. Newbies get welcomed warmly on the Facebook Group. There is n0 negativity. Everyone seems to respect each other and each others tastes. Girls who don’t have many friends into cars seem happy to have found the Group. It’s amazing there is girls from all over the world!”

Fran Roberts (Admin) – “Modified girls is a class A car club for women! This not only ensures total confidence within the page but brings girls together! Being part of modified girls has had not only a massive influence on my social life but on my personal life too. Being around like minded girls gives you the confidence to better yourself with no limits!! We at Modified Girls make huge amounts of efforts to meet our members and get girls together, we have stands at major shows across the UK to cater to everyone’s needs. We love making other girls feel at home in our club. The page we have created shows just how amazing the club is. Constant posts from our Members asking for advice or opinions without feeling the pressure of being ridiculed!!! I would recommend this girls car club to any girls looking to be part of something greater!!!”

Charlie Maslin (Male Staff Member & Photographer) – I think what you’ve done is brilliant, you have put in the time and effort and it’s paid off by having a great Club. The Group is growing every year and there seems to be more wider spread of members too as I see a few ladies post from America and other countries, that’s a pretty big achievement in my books. I hope to see your club stands grow at shows and win awards in the coming future. I also enjoy going on the Facebook Group Page and seeing what people post you’re all a lot nicer than guys can be on other Group pages! Guys seem to bitch way more on others projects and car related posts.”

“A fantastic little community”           

“A girl group with no drama!”

“It is a great page, no one has been horrible to anyone or discriminating like other group pages. It is well managed with good products”

“I absolutely love your work and support for the female car enthusiast community!”

“Modified Girls is the best group going and has so much to offer girls within the car scene. I love it!”

“What an awesome clothing range, I love your stuff”

“Every time you bring out a new product, I keep waiting for the next thing to order more”

Testimonials from our shows:

“I wanted to message you to thank you for the very warm welcome I received at Trax. You guys are a fantastic bunch, great club and have a fantastic mix of cars. It would be a pleasure to be a part of your stand with you again in the future” – male partner of MG member

“Wow, wow, wow what a stand you guys (girls) had!!! Seriously well done to all those who were there and well done to all those that got everything set up. It was clearly a group effort. Very well organised” – Photographer

“Had such an awesome day thank you for having me on the stand… You girls are brilliant!”

“I finally won an award!! On the Modified Girls stand at Silverstone today! I’ve been dreaming of this day for a long time and worked so hard to get my car how it is today and couldn’t make me more proud. Thank you!”