Unicorn Necklace – Abigail Morley Unicorn Necklace – Zoe Louise Ford Unicorn Necklace – Courtney Barker Unicorn Socks – Kate Price Unicorn Socks – Gill Fiksen MG Sticker white unicorn text – Gill Fiksen MG Skull sticker blue – Jodie-Mica Cheeseman Skull Air Freshener – Lucy Dickinson Lanyard – Sophie Vaughan-Evans Lanyard – Cleo Collins […]

Modified Girls do Dub Fiction 2017

We had a fantastic time at Dub Fiction this year. We had some amazing cars on stand and a camber van too! Some feedback, testimonials and pictures are below: “???? Soppy post ???? Just wanna thank modified girls – been to 3 shows with you guys now and every time I’ve made new friends ! Sounds gay […]